Kumu’s Visit

Kumu’s visit was wonderful. It had been a long time since we all saw him, and for some it was the first time meeting him. Practice was more fast paced than usual, and in Kumu’s presence we were blessed to have him sing and play many instruments for us, rather than just dancing to a cd. We learned a new dance, and within this dance there were many new moves to learn as well. This is a dance so sacred, that I won’t even mention the name here.

Once practice was finished, Liz & Jen organized a birthday celebration for Kumu, whose birthday is this month. We sang “Happy Birthday” and had a delicious cake & milk. We all gathered around Kumu to talk story for a while until it was time to go. Kumu will be returning early next month, and we already can not wait for his return – MAHALO KUMU!

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One Response to Kumu’s Visit

  1. hulabug says:

    Ho my legs was sore the next day, but it’s all worth it.

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